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  • Child Safety on Internet

    The Youth Education Project continues on the road to parents. Children, as well as parents, need to be aware of what Internet safety means. At a time when it is very important to keep track of our children in the… Read More ›

  • Kulendayz11

    #KulenDayz11 It was the first time, it was magnificent. The team was available for any technical problems, and my fellow lecturers were always in a good mood. What to expect from a conference named after a type of “meat”. In… Read More ›

  • Can’t wait for Friday :) Kulendayz!!! They say that the best speakers speak at the most relaxed conference #KulenDayz11 Happy that I am part of it this year 🙂

  • Faculty of Medicine

    The day was approaching for a college I didn’t expect to jump on a Microsoft cloud train so quickly. Doctors, assistants, professors, and staff have been paying close attention to what new Microsoft provides and how it can improve their… Read More ›

  • Exam MS-100: Managing Office 365 Identities and Requirements

    After a little while and a lot of work, I can announce the final version of my new course that will prepare you for the new MS-100 exam. Covering Office 365 from a basic to an advanced level, including key components…. Read More ›

  • Cloud for International University of Travnik

    My college education project is going better than expected. Quite a few students are curious and want to learn about how Microsoft Cloud technologies work. Also, faculty staff is much more accepting and supportive of the new way of working,… Read More ›

  • Community Session Number 10

    This time, our meeting was held on 23rd April 2019. It was great to hear the students that attended NetWork 9 and to talk about their impressions. We created a plan for our local universities about the new Role Based… Read More ›

  • IT Challenge 6

    IT Challenge is a project that brings together young IT professionals from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina, who are primarily for socializing, as well as educating and raising awareness about the importance and significance of information technology today in all… Read More ›

  • When is the MCSA/MCSE Windows server 2019 coming out?

    For everyone asking when is the MCSA/MCSE Windows server 2019 coming out, here is the response from Microsoft! “We haven’t received any information if an MCSA: Windows Server 2019 certificate will be available since Microsoft is moving away from MCSA,… Read More ›

  • Windays 2019

    Although I have participated as the lecturer on Windays in previous years, I am always happy to lecture at this conference again. This conference is a great place to meet new people, share knowledge and learn something new. It has… Read More ›