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Faculty of Medicine

The day was approaching for a college I didn’t expect to jump on a Microsoft cloud train so quickly. Doctors, assistants, professors, and staff have been paying close attention to what new Microsoft provides and how it can improve their… Read More ›

IT Challenge 6

IT Challenge is a project that brings together young IT professionals from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina, who are primarily for socializing, as well as educating and raising awareness about the importance and significance of information technology today in all… Read More ›

Windays 2019

Although I have participated as the lecturer on Windays in previous years, I am always happy to lecture at this conference again. This conference is a great place to meet new people, share knowledge and learn something new. It has… Read More ›

Network 9

This year, everything is turning around the new “Microsoft Role-Based” education. Microsoft releases new certification capabilities, with a new training plan and a new approach to exams and training sessions. This is a great opportunity to inform all existing and… Read More ›

Community Session Number 9

Our meetup was scheduled for 7th March 2019. Everybody was very excited to see each other again and to hear new lectures about Azure and High available solutions and Exchange online vs. On-premise. Since this is the meetup before NetWork… Read More ›

Community Session Number 8

The end of the year is near, and we called again a small meeting where we demonstrated “New Education path for Azure and Microsoft 365”. (download here) Damir Dizdarevic (long time MVP) joined us and talked about Microsoft 365, while… Read More ›