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AZURE Workshop

It’s difficult to arrange a meetup, but everyday queries about Azure have given me the idea to do another small workshop for our dear community. It lasted one day and we touched on all Core-Azure services. We moved through Azure… Read More ›

Azure Workshop Two

After a successful Workshop in Budapest, I got a call to Barcelona. The team was cheerful and diverse. There were students from Switzerland, Germany, Italy, and Spain. A diverse and cheerful team from different fields of IT. The best thing… Read More ›

Azure Workshop One

The workshop that I held in Budapest is something I’m especially proud of. We concentrated on the setup of the Azure IaaS platform, starting out with the basic IAAS, PAAS, and SAAS, creating networks, Virtual Machines, and apps that could… Read More ›

Microsoft 365 Admin Center

Microsoft 365 offers all the requirements to help us manage our enterprise systems through the use of cloud tools. One of these tools is the Microsoft 365 Admin Center, through which we perform daily tasks when configuring and monitoring our… Read More ›


#KulenDayz11 It was the first time, it was magnificent. The team was available for any technical problems, and my fellow lecturers were always in a good mood. What to expect from a conference named after a type of “meat”. In… Read More ›