About Me

Dear visitor, I am very excited to have You on this site where I’m trying to present my life’s passion and work. I know self-promotion is not a very noble marketing strategy, but it is a less stressful way to start spreading the word about my work.

I create extremely simple education tutorials that will help you keep up with today’s tech elite, avoiding stress and drama. My goal is to explain the most complex subjects in the simplest way possible, and I am open to your questions and requests.

From 2009 I started my career in teaching. Over 15 years of experience in the IT sector, and projects where I gained over 50 MS certificates. I love my job, I like to teach. I love when a student leaves the lecture impressed, but most of all, he has understood what he wants and in what way he wants that technology to work. IT people do not like a lot of theory, they like to feel, they like to go on their own, and find out how it works in practice.

I’m here to navigate them and give them the explanation they need.

My motto is “There is always “more” to teaching, where I enjoy entertaining the audience at conferences across the Balkans and Europe, where in most cases I will be selected as the best lecturer.

As stated earlier, I am open to suggestions, questions, and ideas. Please feel free to contact me at nedotutorial@gmail.com

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