Office 365 for schools

You guys haven’t heard from me in a long time. I have a lot of work. Jobs with schools with our great kids who are brilliant at all the new technologies.

I gave them a chance and they gladly took the responsibility to change the world. I managed to transfer 4 schools in Sarajevo Canton to Office 365.
There have been many meetings and discussions about how they can use this in their teaching. I presented and listed step by step.

That is why most of them were ready to still teach when we were hit by this Covid-19 Pandemic. They successfully hold classes in schools where we have integrated Microsoft Office 365 Services.

Microsoft Teams is a daily free tool that they can use and love to use. Also, Forms which offers many options for exams and programs offered by schools.

I would love to write to you every day in detail, but my children are more important, as is their luck with the new tools at their disposal. So I’ll get back to you in the middle of this year, with pictures (if my parents and schools allow me).

Until then, wish me luck expanding my technology happiness 🙂

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