Retiring MCSA, MCSE and MCSD

Microsoft is bringing a lot of new things to us, but it is also canceling a lot of things that we are used to all these years. To simplify and shorten your anguish, MCSA, MCSE, MCSD is gone after 30.06.


If you have started the certification or are on the way to obtain some of the above certificates then you can take them before 30.06. After that date the certification will retire.

It’s not all black, there will be some courses and new ways of education, but there will be no certification for the above. Microsoft is strictly focusing on Role-Based Courses/Certification that, as Microsoft says, are doing very well.

The official Windows Server 2019 course will have new names and will serve as a bridge to the transition to cloud technologies.

The three new Windows Server 2019 official courses will be as follows:

  • WS-011T00 Upgrading Your Skills to Windows Server 2019
  • WS-012T00 Deploying, Managing and Maintaining Windows Server 2019
  • WS-013T00 Windows Server Hybrid Cloud implementation

The initial public release for these courses is June 2020, and the final release will be August 2020.

A lot of changes follow the existing courses that are Role-Based. You can see all the changes on the slide I will offer on this link.

Thank you guys for reading 🙂

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