Cloud for International University of Travnik

My college education project is going better than expected. Quite a few students are curious and want to learn about how Microsoft Cloud technologies work. Also, faculty staff is much more accepting and supportive of the new way of working, which makes it easier for students, assistants, and professors alike.

This time I had the opportunity to give a one-day lecture for “International University of Travnik”. You can visit their site at this link.

I was visited by the first year of the best students from the IT technology department. We got through the process of how to use Microsoft 365 as well as the educational options offered by Microsoft through Microsoft education.

A truly beautiful day full of socializing, learning and exploring.

Next on the list is the Sarajevo School of Medicine who wants to get acquainted with a project (by Me) that wants to introduce Microsoft Cloud for educating and using all the options that cloud provides.

Better than expected, young people from these areas learning Microsoft Cloud technologies.

Aaaand a few pictures 🙂


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