IT Challenge 6

IT Challenge is a project that brings together young IT professionals from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina, who are primarily for socializing, as well as educating and raising awareness about the importance and significance of information technology today in all spheres of society. This year’s IT Challenge is the sixth (6th) in a row. This year “IT Challenge” was organized in the form of a camp, and it would bring together more participants from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina than ever before.

We managed to reorganize everything at the state level. Everything has passed smoothly and the students are full of happiness. It’s nice to see the smile on these young faces. It’s been a year of growing information about new Microsoft education. This is a great opportunity to broaden my interests and help young people to fill their dreams as soon as possible.

In a conversation with a couple of high schools, we were able to organize free lectures for developers and future system administrators. I’m really excited about it, but our way here is not over, I have plenty to move and do.
In this way, I would like to thank Microsoft for an excellent program and a better opportunity for the youth of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

A few pictures 🙂

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