7. MS Community Conference

I am honored to be part of the team that participated this year in the seventh

MS Community Conference. This year I exhibited

Replication Storage in Windows Server 2019 and the Management with Windows Admin Center“.

You can download the presentation at this link: SR in WS2019

Storage Replication is the technology introduced in Windows Server 2016. It is used for synchronous or asynchronous replication between servers or clusters for disaster recovery. The attendees could see what new features will bring with Windows Server 2019 and see how to enable Storage Replication using the new Windows Admin Center management tool.

The seventh MS Community B&H conference this year, under the slogan // United, has gathered a record number of participants and justified the epithet of one of the most important IT conferences in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The interest in acute topics on cloud infrastructure, software development and testing, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT) was remarkable.

Donovan Brown, the Principal DevOps Manager at Microsoft, has certainly attracted the greatest attention, who in his keynote speech shared his experiences in Microsoft in improving the software development process. This well-known expert spoke at this event for the B&H audience for the first time.

The conference also focused on improving IT security, utilizing Office 365 and Azure services, multi-platform development and software testing, or topics related to the blockchain, DevOps, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, etc.

The conference was a platform where regional and B&H IT specialists had the opportunity to review the latest technologies and encourage them to think about using them in a modern business environment. For its success, with the support of Microsoft B&H and partner companies, it is a desirable non-profit association of MS Community B&H, with the intent to enable the exchange of knowledge and experience among IT professionals, developers and all enthusiasts and colleagues in the IT sector.

Here are some pictures


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