I was very happy to be part of the team that participated this year in the 18th  WinDays18.

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This year I exhibited

“Security & Compliance in Office 365“

You can download the presentation at this link: Security & Compliance in Office 365

Microsoft WinDays Conference, the largest regional gathering of businessmen, entrepreneurs and ICT experts, from 24th to 28th April 2018, the island of Sveti Nikola had gathered more than 2,000 participants from the whole region and from the countries of Europe.

WinDays are one of the most enduring domestic conferences, and the eighteenth edition brings some changes in the way they approach business and technology themes. In modern business, technology has long been accepted as a tool that can improve efficiency, productivity and boost business to a new level. Therefore, the WinDays18 Business Conference on April 24 and 25 was a focus on specific business solutions and tools that the participants can immediately apply in their business.

Tatjana Skoko, director of WinDays18 Business Conference, revealed:

– The conference program was largely devoted to practical examples, that is, case studies so that participants learn how certain business challenges are solved in practice and to what extent modern technology affects business. We want to show that investments in business modernization and digital transformation are very necessary and that their effects are very rapidly visible on business results.

The WinDays18 Technology Conference is bringing out the most current trends and innovations from the world of technology with the focus on concrete technological solutions and tools from April 25 to 27. Key topics were how to deal with integrated and intelligent business information systems, information systems security, and open source-based solutions.

Btw. I was chosen as the best lecturer


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