MSNetwork 8

It was a great pleasure to be part of the team that participated this year in the eighth MSNetwork.

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This year I exhibited

“Plan for Hyper-V security in Windows Server 2016“

You can download the presentation at this link: Hyper-V Security

The largest business-technology conference in Bosnia and Herzegovina “Microsoft NetWork 8”, according to the organizers, more than 1,000 participants under the slogan “Make IT cloud”.

Microsoft Ombudsman Omar Krivošija told reporters that last year the number of 900 participants exceeded this year and that the participants will also have the opportunity to listen to cybersecurity and digital transformation, with the focus being on innovative solutions.

To the largest business-technology conference in the country, the number of participants who will have more than 90 lectures in six sessions will have the opportunity to hear about the innovations in the field of information technologies, partnership solutions and what Microsoft brings in the next year – said Krivošija.

Earlier, he announced that a Microsoft NetWork 8 lecturer would be the leading lecturer on cybersecurity Paul Januszkiewicz, founder of CQURE.

The conference participants had the opportunity to listen to lectures related to the modern business environment, digital transformation, applications and infrastructure, data and artificial intelligence, ie educational solutions and case studies, and during the first conference day, they could attend the thematic workshops held in the conference.

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