Office365 Configuring compliance and security features part 2/5 (Archive)

First! Check out my tutorial on Exchange Online Archiving

Exchange Online Archiving is an Office 365, cloud-based, enterprise-class archiving solution suitable for every organization. Archiving in Exchange Online assists with archiving, and it helps you to simplify the on-premises infrastructure, reduce costs, and ease IT burden.

Online personal archiving is a service in Office 365 that provides an additional user mailbox for storing old messages, such as calendar items from two or more years ago, or sent items that are no longer important.

The online archive mailbox looks just like an ordinary mailbox, and you can create folders in it, search it, and carry out the same administrative tasks as with a regular mailbox.

Online archiving applies only to certain plan levels in Office 365.

The following plans have the service integrated:
• Office 365 Enterprise E3
• Office 365 Enterprise E5
• Office 365 Education E3
• Office 365 Education E5
• Office 365 Government G3
• Office 365 Government G5
• Exchange Online (Plan 2)

The Storage available within the archive mailbox can store up to 100 GB of Outlook data without restriction. Every Additional storage increments are available by contacting Microsoft Office 365 Support. Also Online archives can theoretically be of unlimited size but, they have an initial fair use quota of 160 gigabytes, but it can be raised by calling support.

Online archiving is also available as an add-on with the following plans:
• Exchange Online (Plan 1)
• Exchange Online Kiosk
• Office 365 Midsize Business
• Office 365 Enterprise E1
• Office 365 Enterprise K1
• Office 365 Government G1
• Office 365 Government K1
• Office 365 Education E2

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